A 35mm feature film that has just been commissioned by Tayangan Unggul (Malaysia).

The story following a group of wealthy western tourists who visit an old headhunter trail, they do not realise that nearby lives the original tribe who used to hunt there. The younger tribe members leave for Kuala Lumpur.and realises their skills are useless in "the big city "life. Returning to the trail disillusioned and with little point to their lives, they start to practice what there grandfathers taught them. To hunt in the jungle using the tourists as their target practice. Initially they just observe, but become aware of the 'pointlessness' of what they are talking about, going on and on with little reason. So they decide to kill them.

Concept is to deal with the loss of direction in western consumerist society with an art house meets action concept.

Have Malaysian distribution in place and working towards International.

Planned shooting dates are November / December 2013