Hi, I am a British Director of Photography with over 30 years experience and happy to say that I have just completed my 18th feature film. I have been asked to write a few things about why we have created this website and explain what Enki Productions is all about.

I have been working now in South East Asia for almost 10 years. You may wander my reasons for coming here? Well, because they are always shooting features here, and I knew if I wanted to grow in my craft and expand my skills, the more I shoot the more I will learn.

Yes it is true there are plenty of facilitating companies in South East Asia, but as far as I can see from my research most are catering to the commercials market. They charge as much as you would pay if you were shooting in Europe or America, as they choose to pander to those budgets, which is fair enough of course.

However my background is very much in features films. On numerous occasions when I have traveled back to the UK to work with great Directors on locally funded features, the limitation on equipment was very noticeable due to the sheer cost of equipment hire.

So while I was shooting features in Thailand, Philippines and Malaysia I started to do the maths. Looking around the set and the equipment we had, such as: Super 35mm ARRICAM, Ultra Primes, 18k HMI’s ,Air Stars, Pegasus crane, generators and a very large crew. I calculating how much a production of this size would cost in say in London, you would need at least 2 to 3 million pounds, but I have discovered that for the local producers it was costing them only 3 to 400,000 pounds.

The next step was to talk to the local hire companies and see if they would give me the same quotes, be it for a local or foreign director, and to date they very much have. Please see our BUDGET page for genuine quotes.

With a world wide recession I imagine most producers would like to save money on production? and thats why we have Started Enki Productions. Encouraging foreign companies and film makers to enjoy the benefits of South East Asia; and we aim to provide that direct link.

Since then we have discovered some amazing Production Designers and Art Directors. You may also know that Pinewood studios has recently opened in Malaysia this year, which creates no limitations to what can be shot here in South East Asia.

To add incentive the Malaysian Government offer a 30% rebate on productions costs to any company that spends over RM5 million. For more details please check the FINAS website.

So, there you go, if I was looking to shoot a feature it would make sense to me to choose South East Asia, but hey we are all different.

Thank you for your time, hope to see you soon.


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